Giorgos Katsanos is a pianist, multi-instrumentalist and composer. He has released three personal albums: “Blur” (2007), “Rusty Memories” (2012) and “Cocoon” (2017). He plays piano, harmonium, synthesizer, sampler, music boxes, vibrandoneon, theremin, percussion.

He creates minimalist sound spaces, often acrobating between absolute silence, repetition, and above all the “sculptural” takeover of sound.

Music route

He is an honors graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston and studied with J. Arcarro, L.Taylor, H. Crook. He also holds a degree in classical piano and has studied classical percussion at the Athens Conservatory.

He is a founding member of the dark electronic/minimal synth duo Incirrina with record presence on the album “8.15” (November 2019 by Geheimnis Records) and “Lip Led Scream” (August 2022 by the German record label Cold Transmission) and many concerts in Greece and abroad.

He was a member of the group OMADIKI APODRASI, with a recording presence “Like the sea” (1998), “Cartoon” (2001), “Dialogue” (2006), as well as the creator of the music-theatre-visual group LOST CIRCUS.

Together with Tassos Fotiou, they have formed the cinematic jazz group “Eos” with a recording presence on the album “Musica Mecanica” (2007) and with many participations in music and film festivals (Sync Festival – Technopolis 2007, Jazz Festival – Tinos 20), with the films “Metropolis” by Fritz Lang and “The unchanging sea” by Griffith at the festival “Autodesign and cinema” – Trianon 2012-, at the festival “In Mute – Shelter of Letters and Arts, 2014 -“, at the KET multipurpose hall with “A man with a movie camera” and “Nosferatu” – 2016.


With Tassos Fotiou and Nikos Gioussef, they have also live performed over the masterpiece film “La Antena” in the cinema “Mikrokosmos” in March 2019.

In April 2019, he collaborated with Irini Tiniakou on the piano and Nikos Gioussef on the musical saw and they presented the project “Adagios from the Underground” at the Athens Concert Hall, which was recorded and released in March 2020 by Underflow Records.

In February 2020, again in collaboration with N. Youssef, Irini Tiniakou and Pamelia Stickney on the theremin, they appeared at the Athens Concert Hall with the project “From Classical To Nowhere”.

He has collaborated artistically and record-wise with Lena Platonos, Phoivos Delivorias, Noti Mavroudis, Ludovikos of Anogeion, Thanos Anestopoulos, Yiannis Anastasakis, Silent Move (V. Tsavaras and G. Paxevanis).

Music design and composition

He collaborates with the artist Matina Stavropoulou, with the presentation of the project “SNOW” at the exhibition space “Gallery 7” in 2018 – a project based on the instant improvisation of music with the simultaneous creation of the visual work as well as the performance “The Face of Sound” which was presented at the “Orofos” theater in Patras in December 2021.

He has composed music for the documentaries of Menios Karagiannis:

  • “The Music Of Things” – 22nd Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2020 – International Film Critics Federation FIPRESCI award and ERT award.
  • “Homeland of Marble” – FIPRESCI award at the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival in 2018.
  • “33,333” – documentary about “Odyssey” by N. Kazantzakis – 2016.
  • “Arika A” – 2013

He has also composed the music for the short film “Washing of Souls” (2017) by G. Gaitanaros as well as music for the theatrical performances “Thisea” by A. Paravas (2014), “I saw you” by G. Gaitanaros (Motion Theatre, 2013).

He has participated in the improvised music festival Deteriorate Sound Festival (Six d.o.g.s, 2013).
orchestration and execution

Orchestration and execution

He has collaborated, as an arranger, with Konstantinos Rigos in the musical and dance performance “American Dream” (National Opera, 2007) and with Vassilis Vafeas in the theatrical performance “Mystery Woman” by John Cassavetes (Politeia Theater, 1995).

Since 2020, he has been collaborating with the director Yiannis Laspias for the performance of which he composed and played the music live (Theatro 104, October 2020).