Film Music

Film music composition has a significant  role in George Katsanos’ creativity. Using mainly analogue synthesizers and acoustic instruments such as hang drum, vibrandoneon, harmonium, music boxes, glockenspiel, kalimbas, music glasses, kantele – combined with effect pedals and filters – he creates soundscapes that blend beautifully with the moving pictures of the film forming an unbroken unity of sound and picture.


He has composed the music for Menios Karagiannis documentary films  Arika A” (2013), “33,333” (2016), Marble Homeland” (2017) (FIPRESCI prize, 2018) and  The Music  of Things” (2020) (FIPRESKI and ERT prizes, 2020 – Thessaloniki 22nd International Documentary Festival).

In this film, George Katsanos he was also having a central acting role, as the film is dealing with 3 people who are deeply passionate with their field of action; George Katsanos is filmed while doing his favorite thing – composing music either  in a studio, in a carpenter’s saw mill or outdoors (in a beach or in a public square), using  common instruments or objects of whatever kind that produce sounds which he transforms to music.

He has also composed music for G. Gaitanaros short movie “Souls’ washing machine” (2017) as well as music for theatrical plays such as “Theseus” (2014) by Anastasia Parava and ParaMana Puppet Theatre,“I saw you” (2013) by G. Gaitanaros and “A room of her own” (2019) by Giannis Laspias .

Music improvisation/soundtrack

Giorgos Katsanos has also been particularly involved in live improvisation/music score for silent films; he has participated, either as a solo performer or together with his partner Tasos Fotiou from EOS music group, in numerous  cinema festivals (e.g. with Fritz Lang’s movie ‘‘Metropolis” and Griffith’s “The unchanging sea” at “Trianon” cinema hall at the “Improvisation and Cinema” (2012) festival, “In Mute” festival at the “Onassis Cultural Center Athens” (2014), at “KET” hall with the movie “A man with a movie camera” (2016) and with the Murnau’s movie “Nosferatu”.

Also as a trio ,with Tasos Fotiou and Nikos Giousef, they have performed and composed instant music for the astonishing silent  film La Antenna” (2019) (“Mikrokosmos” cinema, Athens) and wiith Nikos Giousef for the film “The 41st” (2019) (“Studio New Star Art Cinema”).